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Yoga @ the Museum w MARYA BRADLEY at The Milwaukee Art Museum

March 8, 2014 from 8:15am to 9:30am
Join us in Windhover Hall under the wings of the Milwaukee Art Museum. This month's all-levels…See More


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Share your thoughts, observations, insights, moments, fears, accomplishments, stories, poems, just about anything you like, with other yoga practitioners here in our community. Blogging can be therapeutic in its own right. It can also inspire others in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. It can connect people, it can make internal connections for people. Whether you are a regular blogger, an in intermittent one, or haven't done it before at all you are encouraged to dive in here. You are in good company.



The Milwaukee Art Museum and omTownYogis Present Yoga @ the Museum

This month's session is on Sat., APRIL 12, 8:15-9:30 am (doors open @ 7:45), led by TINA ROMENESKO. 

General admission for Y@M is free while donations are encouraged at the $15 level. Proceeds benefit the Museum and our Annual Grant Fund. Get museum admission with your donation of $15 or more! Credit cards will be accepted at the event. Please bring your own mat. Arriving early and pre-registering are highly recommended. Reserve your spot today by pre-registering online here or by contacting Jennifer Kobe at Pre-Registrations are taken until 5 pm the Friday evening just before the event. And walk-ins are always welcome!

Q&A: Tina Romenesko

1. What brought you to the practice of yoga?

I began practicing yoga in 1978. I was in college and suffering from an eating disorder. One day, I was walking through a bookstore and a copy of B.K.S. Iyengar's book, Light on Yoga, jumped into my hand. I bought it, took it home, and began practicing alone in my apartment. I've been practicing ever since. I became a Yoga Therapist because it is the potential of yoga to heal, on all levels of being, that truly inspires me.


2. Who are some of your yoga teachers?

I have two 200-hour certifications, with Nancy Ruby from Bozeman, Montana, and the amazing Tias Little from Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have assisted Tias at Yoga Journal Conventions. My 500 hour certification is with Joseph and Lillian LePage of Integrative Yoga Therapy. I was part of the editing team for their Mudra Book and have also completed their advanced training in Mudras, Bandhas, and Pranayama.


Guest Writer: Marya Bradley

The Pathway of Yoga

Every moment is an open doorway. We are free in how we choose to respond to the invitation of each opening. How we respond matters -- affects our own life and the life of the larger whole, in which we partake.

I think most of us move through the stream of moments, constantly subject to a multitude of stimuli and sensations, in thrall to thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires, memories, fantasies and stories, which hold us captive to some past or to a projected future; and so we miss the invitation, we keep feeling hurried along, ever distracted, interrupted and full of longing, grief, frustration or anxiety, sensing that we are not able to touch what it is we feel called here to encounter. In truth, we cannot encounter or touch that which calls us because often we are not really present. Only when we allow ourselves to feel and bear witness to what we are actually experiencing in any given moment, can we come into contact with life -- as it wells up within and as it meets us in the moment. Then, we are touched and may touch.


For many of us, those moments when we do feel that sense of deep contact are special, rare and crystalline. They are moments of connecting to the inmost stream of life -- feeling it in some way to be both deeply familiar and astonishingly mysterious -- to be at once our own and of infinite being. They are moments of encountering a sense of wholeness and of the whole.


I practice and teach yoga because it is one of the most powerful ways I have encountered in my life to bring us ever back and for more sustained spans of our daily life to an embodied experience and awareness of the doorway each moment holds open to us to find our way to connect to this sense of our unique wholeness and its connection to the wider cosmic whole in which we share. In teaching yoga I seek to help people experience and cultivate this sense of conscious wholeness.


The word, "yoga" has its root in the word, yoke, and this illuminates what it is we are doing when we practice yoga. We are connecting to and drawing together essential aspects of our nature from their relative disharmony back into communion so we can move forwards with the strength of integrity. I try to share with students the way in which each of the different practices we inherit from the ancient and vital stream of yoga is a pathway we can engage and explore to discover what it is we need to encounter in the healing process of remembering our wholeness.


This remembering is profoundly important, not only for our individual well-being, but for the well-being of all the lives and living world around us. 


Just as we have a choice on the brink of every moment of how we shall respond to the invitation of life, we, as a species stand on an ecological brink and are called to respond. Without doubt, it is difficult both to acknowledge this call and to know how to respond. What makes it so difficult is that we live in a time when every sense of presence and wholeness is increasingly undermined by a culture and its technology, which are rooted in and addicted to sustaining the illusion of power over any kind of vulnerability or reminder of our vulnerability. As a result, it is a moment when being present to, feeling and acknowledging our interdependence with each other and the living fabric of this planet is a radical act and is powerfully charged with a certain urgency.


How we choose to respond, then, to the current ecological crises and challenges--whether we dissociate from or ignore them, or we allow ourselves to bear witness to them and discover ways we can participate in healing the imbalance matters. It reflects how we respond to our own inner crises and challenges and ultimately, how we are able to receive and value the depth of the gift of life. 

Yoga offers us practical and profound pathways to help us respond as truly as we are able to the ways we are called by life to bear witness and be present to what we are given to meet in each moment and to recognize what we need to open to that we may recover balance, may heal and serve as a vital thread in the living whole.

-Marya Bradley, March 2, 2014

Experience Marya's teaching by joining her 6 week intensive on yoga & meditation on Sunday nights in March at Yama Yoga Studio. Single class drop-ins are welcome. Click here for information.

Opening the Doors of Yoga

Scholarship & Grant Applications for 2013 have been awarded. Congratulations to all our local yoga teachers who received these gifts from the greater Milwaukee yoga community. We are honored to facilitate the process. Proceeds from all of our events and programs benefit our Annual Grant Fund which in turn benefit others in our community. Beyond beautiful!


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